View Full Version : GPU or CPU demanding? (pc version)

25th Feb 2010, 22:29
share your thoughts. just curious in what direction i should tweak.

i say CPU demanding because of all the activity going on (like in GTA IV which is still a bad console port).

25th Feb 2010, 22:38
Both because the CPU keeps track of what's going on & the gpu is rendering everything, & if ur graphics card has a built in physx card then that will take some load off the CPU, but with the reqs being what they are, I'd expect both to be working there transitors out lol

just remember that vista & 7 are systems hogs so this could be interesting

25th Feb 2010, 22:47
Are you planning to OC your e6300 c2d and your 8500 gt to run Jc2 :D?

25th Feb 2010, 22:55
Are you planning to OC your e6300 c2d and your 8500 gt to run Jc2 :D?

250 GTS 1 gb (stock speeds)
Core 2 quad Q6600 (stock 2.4 Ghz)

but just to squeeze every frame out of it

25th Feb 2010, 23:06
Haha, my AMD X2 3800+ wasn't even supported by GTA IV, and I play it at medium settings at 1920x1200 at ~30 fps (4 gigs ddr2 ram and an 8800 gts OC'ed). I'm sure the majority of games are graphics-intensive, and I'm confident my rig can handle this too, though it's definitely showing its age.

25th Feb 2010, 23:14
2.53ghz dual core duo
260gtx mobile
6g ddr2

25th Feb 2010, 23:30
Kidding about the hardware bit, but ment like.. Did you want to OC your system :P? or did you hope for some driver hacks, gfx firmware hacks or alike?

26th Feb 2010, 00:31
No, I'm sure it'll still run for him. I realize this game has uberhigh sys requirements, but judging from what MCM is saying, it's not just another port and has some decent optimization going for it. I think he'll be able to run it.... probably. Maybe not at its prettiest settings but toe-to-toe with a 360 I think.

26th Feb 2010, 18:10
I'm guessing it will run fine on my system, seeing as my card outperforms the gts 250 (depending on the variant)
Still, planning on buying a new ATI card within the next year or so.

27th Mar 2010, 11:54
I'd say gpu easily

I'm running a measly Q6600 at a slow 2.4GHz yet I can beat an Intel i7 at 3.5GHz, difference is I'm using a 5850 overclocked versus other people using cards like GTX 260's, so surely its a gpu intensive game

27th Mar 2010, 18:07
An average ~2ghz Core 2 duo is more than enough to run the game smoothly, so it'll be GPU bound on the vast majority of systems.

28th Mar 2010, 05:14
If you are running high resolution then you'll be more GPU bound. I run at 1920x1200 and my Intel Q9550 is never more than %50 utilized at about 50fps. Seems like the game is more GPU bound but my CPU is newer than my GPU (ati 4870/512).

29th Mar 2010, 00:52
I wanted to know the same thing. This game doesnt run near as good as the other 25-30 other games i have. With an i7 950 @ 3.6+/- and 3 GTX 285s i am having to keep things on low for the most part. I dont think it would help to have one that is blazing fast and the other not, they still have to communicate with each other. But the new drivers did help a little.