View Full Version : 0x80072751 ?

21st Feb 2010, 18:17
Ok, here's the deal

I have a Windows Live account that i created a few months back. I purchased Batman Arkhum Asylum

I completed it, well it says I have 87% of the game completed anyway. Yesterday just out of curiosity I clicked 'Downloable Content', and it told me i had to update. Fair enough. I try to update but this comes up

"Can't download the update, Make sure you're connected to the internet, if the problem persists, go to www.gamesforwindows.com/support.


Every time I try to play the game now, Windows Live comes up at the start, tells me to login, so I do, and then it tells me to update. It also says that I I click No it will sign me out of my profile. Every time I try to update it fails, and I end up not being able to sign into my account and download my profile info. It Sucks!!!!!!

I even updated manually to v1.1 and this prompt for update still occurs!!! and does the same thing too!


I just want to sign into my profile and play my saved games!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!