View Full Version : Sound Cards?

20th Feb 2010, 20:56
Want to upgrade sound cards to run this game, what would you folks suggest :scratch:?

20th Feb 2010, 23:10
Those are video cards. The OP is asking for sound cards.

Any sound card your PC has should be fine. It's more about the processor speed, RAM, and the Video Card (which, you'll need the best you can afford of the above mentioned by jvini).

I can't speak for other sound cards, but I use Creative's Fatality Pro series. Depending on the Windows Operating system, it works superbly. Vista required some additional software to get the support of its surround in some games, so that was annoying. Anyway, if you can get good, clear sound from all speaker channels on what you have, with no skipping, cutting out, or other glitches, then I'd say stick with what you already own.

22nd Feb 2010, 02:22
Even creative's X-FI extreme gamer will do nicely for around half the price. The only real difference is the Fatality comes with 64MB ram on board (as opposed to 2MB for extreme gamer) which 'supposedly' gives you better peformance but according to most tests (look them up on the net) the difference is negligible, if any at all.

The extreme gamer still gives you the same hardware audio acceleration as the fatality pro (unlike the extreme audio model which relies on your cpu) and the same crystal clear audio and 3D spacing.

As the Hylden says there are some problems with older games using EAX in Vista (as vista doesn't support directsound3D). but this isn't a problem with newer games that use OpenAL (or Fmod in Arkham's case) that gives the games direct access to your 3D hardware. If you want to play older games you can download Alchemy form creatives website that should translate the directsound and Eax calls into OpenAL.