View Full Version : IF you ned a game to tide you over till JC2

18th Feb 2010, 15:15
Hey if anyone is struggaling to find a game to get to play till Just Cause 2 I would recommend Borderlands. It is a FPS that is a bit like Blizzard's Diablo series, it is a loot crazy RPG that is really fun. With up to 4 player co-op its a real blast and next week you can get the game and the two extra DLC ( a zombie island and a Arena type mode ala Gears of War's horde mode of CoD:WaW zombie mode) I would highly recommend it !

18th Feb 2010, 21:39
I was so excited for Borderlands, then I played it and I thought it was horrible. I played for a couple of days, got fairly high level, never touched it again and sold it to Gamestop.