View Full Version : Can't beat Bain... any tips?

Nights Blaze
16th Feb 2010, 22:51
I keep dieing while fighting Bain, doesn't help im using the keyboard/mouse since my logitech isn't supported by the game, also I notice the game slows way down when Bain charges at you... is that normal? and any tips? I know i'm supposed to throw the batarang to stun him then rip out the tubes but i die before i finish..

16th Feb 2010, 23:00

Yes, it is very normal that slow-motion occurs when Bane charges at you. Here's a tip on how to beat Bane. (He's actually quite easy if you're not on Hard mode) You'll have to fight more Banes later on.

So here are my tips for ya -

- In the beginning he might throw a chunk of wall at our direction. It should be very easy to dodge it. Get familiar with WASD for movement. Trust me - It really helps!

- As soon as you hear Bane let out a beastly roar, use the quick Batarang to stun Bane and dodge. As he hits the wall the first time, move away quick because that isn't the right moment to strike. Do this again, until he rams into the wall a second time. Now you can cut off one of his Venom tubes. Rinse and repeat until he's defeated.

- After cutting off one tube though, Joker will blab about how Bane is lame and sends a group of his henchmen to aid Bane. Don't worry though. You can avoid them by dodging all around, or beat them to a pulp. Don't focus on them too much though, because what you really need to do is watch out for Bane!

- He will either throw some more chunks at you, and if not he'll charge at you. But you'll be warned with a signature roar from Bane before he starts charging at you. As for the thrown pieces of rock, just keep a lookout when Bane is walking towards the wall and taking a chunk out.

Good luck, and I hope I helped! :)

17th Feb 2010, 01:48

Youtube videos help. Just look up the game and type in Bane and you'll see someone
playing that part of the game.