View Full Version : control setup error

16th Feb 2010, 20:00
i changed my controls for the chapter in episode 3 where you fly a spaceship

move up --> down
move down --> up

because it's way easier that way, but now i can't change them back
i can't move the cursor up or down, it's stuck on which device i'll use or something like that.
i already reinstalled it but it stays the same.
Does anyone know how i can move the cursor up and down again so i can play the game normale again?

16th Nov 2011, 03:52
I'm fighting the exact same problem. Thought I was 'clever', making the darn thing easier to fly. Can't undo my mistake now. Did you ever solve it? I'm dreading the idea of reloading the game and fighting my way back to Ep3.

10th Feb 2013, 14:19
I've just fixed it by chance.

The mouse works in the menus so I used the scroll wheel to highlight the control options then changed them back.

That's after backing-up save files, uninstalling, cleaning the registry and reinstalling to find the same problem.