View Full Version : MISC. in game economy

8th Mar 2014, 14:54
don't have anything that lasts for a real time duration, real time durations give far more value to those that are able ot play more.

for those that are unable to play enough to justify the purchase.

instead of "24 hours" have it be 2 hours in game time.

that way they will know that "i have these things waiting for me i should play this more", instead of "i was relying on these things for how i want to play the game but since i haven't played in a while i won't have them.....i'll just go play some other game".

real time durations feels like you have become sisyphus, push a boulder up a hill forever then watch it roll back down. granted you can buy permanent equipment, but the boosts are durations from what i have seen.

also possible and recommended, sell boosts as something like $1 for 3 hours in game time basic boost, $5 for 18 hours in game time, and $20 for 72 hours in game time. $1 for 3 hours of in game boost means it would last for 3*60/20 (20 minutes per game) 9 games. that could be 3 days if you only play 3 games per day, but then people that play for hours a day every day, usually also have the disposable income for $5 every now and then, and 18 hours * 60 /20 = 54 games.

worth mentioning that the numbers might need to be looked at by someone who has a better idea of average time played in a period, since the $1 should be ranged to be about 1 day of hard core play times.

aside from the monetization, and optimization, everything is good.