View Full Version : MISC. First Impressions of a new beta tester.

8th Mar 2014, 13:29
Ok so far i have played 4-5 matches in the new recruit que, here are my findings so far.

At first i thought the races were imbalanced due a fantastic first game as Vampire, however subsequent games have shown me that the races are very well balanced, in fact anyone claiming that "x" class is OP simply needs better teamwork, as in my experience many seemingly hopeless situations have been overcome through coordinated team attacks both as Humans and Vampires.

I was dissapointed to find that the 3rd class for both races isn't free to play (especially during the BETA phase)
Although the prospect of more classes does interest me, i only hope that the level of balance present at the moment can be maintained.

The player community is mostly neutral ground for me at this time (due to a lack of experience, nothing more) however i have come across 1 or 2 toxic players hurling "Noob" and the like at others despite being in the New Recruit que (which apparently they don't equate with players learning a new game)

In closing i only have 2 suggestions

1. The hunter has a big machete on his back, why not use it for his melee strike?
2. Unlock the 3rd class. 3 is the magic number and many people will be instantly put off the game at the prospect of having to unlock one of the only 3 available classes, (FYI i plan to persevere and save enough gold to unlock them , but i am not exactly thrilled about it)

8th Mar 2014, 14:21
You unlock a class at level 5 and 10. It does not take much time.

8th Mar 2014, 15:44
You unlock a class at level 5 and 10. It does not take much time.
Not that the game tells you that you can do that or how. Go to your loadout and click "unlock with artifact" on the two classes.

8th Mar 2014, 22:50
Thank you just did this

9th Mar 2014, 20:03
The Hunter doesn't use his machete because:
It would cost too many resources, computing wise, to do so. The animation would be too unwieldy.
And in universe: He'd be giving vampires free shots if he reached to pull it out. It's probably more like a utility knife/last stand weapon.
Just shoot the damned vampires.