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Halloween Jack
12th Feb 2010, 12:01
Hi all,

Wow. I'm starting to really love this game. but.........

I was so put off at the start though, has anyone any idea what made the devs think it was acceptable to put key-remapping and GFX settings outside of the game? and only coming up as an option when you first launch the game.


I wasted about 2 hours of my life as I skipped the setup to do it in game. Then I couldn't work out what the resolution was set to or how to change the keys.

Eventually I found the other exe file that opens setup.

I can't think of another game that doesn't let you change keys inside game.

And no save game slots?

Sorry, rant over. It just cheesed me off to get such a frustrating start to a game.

So, after repeatedly quiting game, changing keys, restarting game I'm kind of happy...

But is there a way of changing the map key? I'd love to map it to the same key that I've mapped every other single game I own to.

Is it possible?


Halloween Jack
13th Feb 2010, 12:49
does anyone know which file can change the bindings?

13th Feb 2010, 17:02
anything that isn't defined in the launcher can probably be edited in one of the ini files in documents/eidos/batmanAA/config, but be careful as some of the bindings have dual purposes

Halloween Jack
15th Feb 2010, 10:06
thx for the response.

I did try one of those files but it didn't seem to work and I was a bit scared of poking around too much. A lot of the keys seem to be for DeBug mode.

Has anyone successfully (or knows that it can't be done) mapped a key this way?

It's the map key I'm trying to remap.