View Full Version : SENTINEL Echolocation

8th Mar 2014, 00:24
I know echolocation has been discussed to death, but I just wanted to put out my complete support for it. I just picked it up as a curiosity, expecting it to be just a novelty (I mean instead of takeoff? No way). I must say I was super pleasantly surprised. I think this ability is amazing as a sentinel. The ability to find that lone human from across the map alone is worth it. With the takeoff nerf (fix) meaning that I can't "cheat" and have splash damage wherever I like, I really do think I will be using this ability often. Just wanted to put my two cents of praise in for the devs on this underrated ability.

8th Mar 2014, 01:28
Now the echolocation is fixed it is better then before yes I agree.
With the nerf in take of it might be usefull in maps with lots of houses. Even though I rather have take off as an escape skill when fighting outdoors.