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11th Feb 2010, 17:06
Help me,
bought original, also installed the patch, but in the initial video capture where joker comes to windows, I do not understand why!
Windows 7 and I tried cn compatibility but nothing.
Maybe the ATI video card? Circumstances that in the test configuration has exceeded everything.
I noticed that by not access with no profile online it online it is working properly, but then I can not save it seems.


11th Feb 2010, 17:38
Thanks i solved this:

BM:AA crash if the directory “My Documents” is not the default or not on the system disk... Exemple, another partition or hard drive. It can’t save and return to Windows.

You have to mount this partition or hard drive with no letter, but in a empty directory on your system disk. In C:\My Documents\ for exemple.
This new place is on system disk (but is an other partition and safe) and now, Batman can save and don’t freeze! You have just to play.


18th Feb 2010, 02:08
I recently installed a new ati raedon 5770. A nice hot card. I recently installed Windows 7. The only game with a problem was Batman. I finally installed it and did not install the 1.1 patch. It somehow deals with phys x, and that was the problem. I don't have the patch and the game plays great without phys x.
Game on,

18th Feb 2010, 02:18
Glad to see you have things working again! :thumb: