View Full Version : Btman Help For Internet!

9th Feb 2010, 09:15
OK so i got batman and it fabulous, unbelievable, i simply don't have words to describe how awesome and powerful it feels being the batman and Bruce Wayne. sO i started the game payed for 3 hours and then i closed the game. The next day i came and started the game and said " oh damn it!" "Oh holy crap!!!"
Because i realized i saved games in CHECKPOINTS! not real save game so i started a new game and try windows live update it happens full and played the game and . The Next day i saw no save game. The Next Day I checked and saw offline mode and it seemed working somehow, saw auto save relieved. Today i see no game no nothing and **** the game for being worthless.

What to do????
How to save game????
Help Me!!!!!