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9th Feb 2010, 03:24
General specs of my system:

CPU: AMD 64 bit triple core (Rena) running at 2.9.
Mobo: Gigabyte GA-MA770T-UD3P
Video: Gigabyte GV-N96TSL-512I (nVidia 9600 GT silent cell)
Memory: 4 gig
O/S: Windows 7 64bit (not upgrade, new build and new install)
Power Supply: 750w (over 50 amps available on the 12v rail) (min specs on the video card only needs 24amps)
Realtec high def audio.
All, and I do mean ALL of the drivers for the entire system are fully up to date and current.

Now that we have the hardware fingered out? Here's what we have going on.

The system is running better then I ever expected. Gave it a full blown workout with Wolfenstein for several hours of play, every video option maxed out--flawless. CPU temp hovers around 46c under full load.

Now on we go to Batman AA. Did the full install, retail edition. Right off the bat? (pardon the pun) the setup screen states that the Physx thingie is not an option on my video card. (which is incorrect, all the drivers for this entire system are fully up to date, and DXdiag reports all is great--Gigabyte's specs on the card states it's more then able to deal with the Physx bit) Didn't give it much thought, and just left it turned 'off'.

Here's the major pain in the rump: As soon as the game starts in "play" mode? (videos, and option menus are not effected) The entire screen goes "Black" for a second or two...and then it's back to normal. I let everything 'cool' down, and fast-tracked the start of the game thinking it might be overheating the video card--no dice, it started blacking out as soon as you've got control of "Batman".

I dropped the DVD back in, and did the 'options' all set to either 'off' or 'low as it gets' for video options---and the issue actually occurs quicker and more freq. **head scratch**.. Figured nothing to lose---Redid the setup and MAXED this sucker out! It cut the freq. of the black outs by about 50%. (it blacked out every 20 seconds or so before...on max? It hits about 40 seconds before the screen goes to 'black' and returns to normal)

I've already done the upgrade to version 1.1 to attempt to resolve this one.

(sidebar note: They should have made the game setup to work within the menu--not off the DVD every time you feel the need to change something!)

(another sidebar note: The audio, while noted for issues as listed on the setup---which states to see the 'readme' for details--which Eidos never mentions in the 'readme' itself what these issues are---The audio is also flawless!)

I left it all on 'max' and limped it along to where you're fighting Bain--however it's even worse trying to time nailing him, when the screen goes black...., by the time the screen returns? You're already on your fanny!

Basically I've ruled out the usual driver issues, overheating issues, and power supply issues. If anyone has any ideas? Please let me know. It's a decent game, actually a visual masterpiece in many ways. But that video issue is highly annoying. I'm outta ideas at this point.



9th Feb 2010, 10:42

9th Feb 2010, 12:23
and DXdiag reports all is great

With both the standard 'test' and clicking the 64bit test, no problems found?

I finally found the launcher program on the hard disc, and started to adjust the 'batcrap' out of the settings. I've slowly wound back the screen res...If I set it for the 'cheese' setting--low res-- The game did become more playable--albeit looking odd--(monitor is designed for games @ 1440 x 900...winding it back down to 800 LOL...brought me back to my win 95 days with my old CRT)

Anywho.... That did make it play with limited 'black outs'. So I figured I'd bump it back to 1440 x 900 and start playing with the settings again. This time with some results. I set the 'detail' to low, which kicked off all the bells and whistles. It played flawless--looked like crap from what I'm used to--but no problems. I then turned 'on' every feature one at a time trying to figure out exactly what is tripping it. No problems at all with detail set to 'low', and all the extras on. I then went to 'high' (not super 'high' detail, one step below that one) And did the same. The black outs came back, with more interval between the incidents. Looks like I can have all the bells and whistles 'on'--but am stuck at the mid-range detail. Even the Physx thing looked pretty good-- (considering the software stated my card doesn't support it LOL)

For the moment? Looks like everything is related to the 'detail' setting itself, and not the bells and whistles below it. (turn detail way down---kick on all the extras manually, and it works fine). I'll have to just play it on the mid-detail range, with all the extras turned on manually. Which stinks, because even the detail is excellent on this game.

For a 9600GT? Maybe I'm asking it to perform like a 9800GT--and it can't keep up. (heck, the system is only 5 days old LOL....And most likely already out of date).

At least progress is being made.