View Full Version : MISC. Some Ideas

7th Mar 2014, 21:18

So I started playing and soon enough I have realized that there are some MINOR things that COULD be added:

1. You currently can not talk while dead and while between round switch/at end of game-> I think these are the best times to throw in some words to the chat so I think this coudl be implemented.

2. While you are voice chatting there is nowhere where it indicated that you are actually speaking-> I think a little speaker icon would be great to know if everything is alright with your voice and you are acutally talking.

3. Commend system-> I believe this is a great little thing for every game to have and to show if you liked a player's play

4. This suggestion is different from the above 3 - In-game tournament system-> This is obviously something that requires a lot of work but I tihnk it can easily pay off because it would keep players playing (I believe). Other games have done this system before and it was amazing having a feature like this
As a first round these are my ideas about things that could be implemented, this is obviously my opinion, it is just a suggestion and I am not part of the Nosgoth developer team so I do not know is these are on the list or are actually good ideas that is why I threw my ideas out here.