View Full Version : C++ Error, Never going to be fixed

6th Feb 2010, 20:23
I'm Not Bringing this up in hopes for help, I figured it's too late for that. I got this game for christmas, Got the Dreaded C++ Error. I posted and ranted on the forums, and then waited patiently for a month and a week for some sort of recognition by the company or a patch. What a surprise, Their has been no real solving to this problem, The cd's and data thats transfered has a corrupted file in it. That or the game just has compatability problems with XP. Just figured, as a last attempt, if Eidos wants to be awsome and actually make me feel like i didn't waste 50 bucks on nothing, then i'd appreaciate some help

6th Feb 2010, 23:00
I know how you feel. All I can see is that the developers didn't do anything to try to solve our problems.

My issue is at the Arkham Mansion. There's a couple of rooms where I can't get in, because the system crashes. I get a blue screen, and have to reboot. For about a month I kept in touch with the technical support team. They seemed that they were doing their best, and they even found out some problems/conflicts with my system, although not a single one showed any improvements. Meanwhile, they stopped replying. I don't know if they are still trying to solve this (which I really hope so) or if they just gave up of finding a solution.

So far, all I have is frustration and an empty wallet. And as I see in these forums, there are a lot of different problems in the game. It has really disappointed me. I would appreciate if Eidos gave us something in return too, but I guess they prefer to get our money and don't give a **** about us. Don't get me wrong, people from Eidos, it's just the impression I have from you right now. I'm not the type of person that can afford many games, as much as I would love to, so I hope you understand how frustrated I feel right now.

Make a patch, find the cause of our problems, do something... at least let us know whether you are trying or not. If your only concern is to sell the sequel now, then let me know, so I can stop spending time coming here for answers.

7th Feb 2010, 03:12
Yea Dude, Totally It's like the map files that are corrupted or something. Cause i get it right when im following gordon, It's a total fail. I'm just praying for Eido's to come help