View Full Version : Poison Ivy...

6th Feb 2010, 01:26

My next objective is to stop her.

Any tips and suggestions?


6th Feb 2010, 02:44
Can you tell us where you are?
I have some answers:
1. If there's a counter with X%, then go until it reach 100%
2. Fight her, just use batarang.
3. If not anything else above, go to Botanical Garden, she'll be there.

6th Feb 2010, 04:24
The almighty batarang, dodge, batarang, dodge, repeat technique :p

6th Feb 2010, 15:35
Be prepared for the most annoying and unnecessary boss fight of the entire game. It is like they made it longer just for the hell of it. My advice to you is to try not to get distracted by Poison Ivys Physx / physics.

6th Feb 2010, 20:12
Tips again, eh.

Well it's fairly easy really. You must repeatedly fling Batarangs at her while avoiding her vines/tentacles that hit the ground that creates more vines which will entangle you, draining your HP. You also must dodge back and forth when she shoots huge spores. Once you get her HP down to some point, you use the Explosive Gel to blow her up. Afterwards, she'll send some guards to fight you. You don't have to worry about them. Just watch out for her vines and dodge them. Rinse and repeat and you're good to go.

12th Feb 2010, 23:00

I liked it that there was a savegame halfway through
the Ivy fight so that you wouldn't have to start all
over again...

I made it past Ivy after a few tries... so it's onward and
upward to the Joker...