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5th Feb 2010, 06:50
my laptop have quite a high specs and i have no other issues regarding the game's working. It runs smoothly but two times i have stuck to the situation where 'grapple allowed' pointer couldnt come where it should.
first time i gave it up and started a new career (normal) but now it again happened when i have completed 23% of the game ( arkham mension)
i have tried replaying from last checkpoint nothing helped

please suggest any solution

5th Feb 2010, 07:41
I am not accusing you of anything but.

The disabled grapple problem is caused by the games copyright protection. Pirated/torrented copies of the game are unable to grapple at some points in the game. This is a copyright protection that the developers implemented in the game so that illegal downloaders are unable to finish the game and must buy it to continue on.
So if you do have a torrented copy of the game. Go buy the game and ur grapple problems will go away.

But if u do have a legit copy of the game and the copyright protection (grapple disabled) is being activated. Then u must have used cracked executable on the original exe. That will trigger the protection and disable grappling at some points in the game. So dont use cracked exe's.

In some rare cases , even in legit copies of the game the copyright protection will still activate. That can be fixed by simply replaying the chapter ur in . But in ur case u said uv already restared the chapter and the protection is still being activated. So my guess is that u have a torrented/illegal copy of the game, or u have use a cracked executable on ur legit copy.

i am very sorry for my english, its is not my first language

5th Feb 2010, 19:59
Legitimate copies can experience these same problems pirate games have as well. Let me guess. Are you trying to grapple in or out of Dr. Penelope Young's office or trying to grapple up to that specific vent near Amadeus Arkham's cell? If so, restarting to the last checkpoint doesn't exactly help. What you should do is go to the library, take out all the thugs there either by combat or using the chandelier uptop, save the hostages, and backtrack back to the office.

8th Feb 2010, 13:57
I have the same problem in the service tunnel under the botanical garden. The way out is blocked by Poisen Ivy vine and the way out is by grappling in the west tunnel. I have killed everyone, collected all riddler trophies and completed all the riddles in this area. I have a legitimate game, can downloading a patch fix this or is there another way?

8th Feb 2010, 19:45
I think the only ways are restarting from last checkpoints, or using a patch/crack/fix that works. It can be found all over on Google, but many probably won't work.

11th Feb 2010, 04:29

problem must be like that...