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Masked Manhunter
5th Feb 2010, 02:24
Hi all, well my first problem started when I tried to enter the game. Then the error came as ''seculauncher failed to start application 9000''.
I fixed it by downloading a crack ''BmStartApp'' but when I entered a game it says that my save games are corrupt.And my version of the game is again back to 1.0, I had 1.1...
I haven't had any problems with this in the past as I finished the game,and started another one successfully until all of a sudden I got this problem...
So,any tips how to fix it?

5th Feb 2010, 04:23
can't discuss cracks on the official forums

Masked Manhunter
5th Feb 2010, 05:36
I know, but I don't have pirated version. As a matter of fact, I got this 'guideline' from this forum..

5th Feb 2010, 05:52
the file you have is probably the exe for the 1.0 version

5th Feb 2010, 10:34
Uninstall and clean all traces of what you have, then do a full reinstall of the legit version - using a crack might work initially, but is more and more likely to trigger the copy protection the further you get in the game.