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3rd Feb 2010, 05:22
hi im trying to get batman to run the best it can on my system i hope other can benifit from this to my system is a 3.2 amd phenom2 vista 64 8gb ram bfg 260 gtx i have a question i have a second card in my machine a 250 gts palit for the phxs do you need a sli connector for this kind of config basicly its 1680/1050 4 anti alias normal phxs detail very high i get minamal 37 frames average 57 max is 60 how does that sound to you

3rd Feb 2010, 05:53
You don't need an SLI connector if you just want to use the palit for Physx, you should be able to enable high physx and turn all the graphics options on with 4x Anti Aliasing, I can with 2x (palit) 9800gtx+'s (same spec as gts250), your processor is faster than mine as is your main graphics card and we play at the same resolution.

3rd Feb 2010, 21:38
thanks for your help i just want to make sure im getting what i paid for i is having 30 to 37 minamal frame for my system sound right what are you getting just to get a comparason also i have notice i have inconsistant frame rate settings are the same as i described it seems like i get chunkyness throughout the game iwould say its about 20 % game is not smooth all the way throught for example when running smooth for 5 sec than i get little bit of chunkyness or when the go through a door get a little bit of chunkyness i guess what im getting at even with the best graphics card and cpu is it posible that its the game itself i really apreciate your help

4th Feb 2010, 00:14
What OS are you using?
The sudden framerate drop or chunkyness as you put it (i'd say clunkyness) is natural as you go through a door and the game loads a new area into the memory (the unreal 3 engine that this game uses was designed with smaller levels in mind), but it shouldn't happen too often throught the rest of the game.
I find I get smoother performance in XP over Vista, it may be worth checking if any other apps are using the CPU frequently (in the task manager) or if anything is accessing the disk in the background, you could try closing all the programs in the taskbar (bottom left by the clock) and seeing if the game runs any smoother.
Normally if the graphics settings are too high then the game will slow down to compensate, but this will be smooth and not clunky.

4th Feb 2010, 00:26
im running vista im not running to much down there just steam nortons nothing crazy maybe i need to just leave it alone before i make it worse lol thankyou ohwait a sec

4th Feb 2010, 00:31
no apps running other than this one the processes has stuff memory is 23% at this moment cpu is 0 %

4th Feb 2010, 00:41
could be a process, the combination of many, or it could be the way Vista handles the directx commands. XP has a much lighter footprint on anyone's system, meaning a lot less going on in the background.

I think 7 is supposed to be better for performance than Vista but i've not had the chance to check myself.

When I had similar problems to yours, I installed it on my XP partition instead of vista and played it with better performance and no clunkyness. The only downside is it has its off days where it would either crash when I died, or the physx in the scarecrow levels would grind my pc to a halt. none of this would happen in Vista.

As for the benchmark figures, in my experience, because of the way it records the framerate, the only seemingly accurate benchmark figure is the average. I've used Fraps to monitor the framerate as the benchmark runs and at no point did it say I was anywhere near either my lowest or highest number. I'd say over those sections 37 is a good average that would give a smoother experience on a different OS.

4th Feb 2010, 00:44
thanks brother guys like you are a gift from god i mean that