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2nd Feb 2010, 17:01
Hey all,

I'm running with a Gateway Pc dx 4300

I'm trying to run BAA and can install with no prob but I am having the issue of slow motion. The graphics are phenominal but everythign is in slow-mo so playing is virtually impossible without it taking forever.

I'm running on my PC an ATI RADEON 4600 SERIES CARD
intel quad core processor with 8 G Ram and a TB of memory.

I dl'd drivers from the ATI site but wondering if I need different drivers or if i'm missing something all together.

NOTE: I don't know a lot with graphics cards this is actually new to me, i'm a graphic artist, not much of a techie. Any help would be great Thanks

2nd Feb 2010, 21:53
I think your problem is the graphic card.... Try turning down the effects (resolution etc.) and perhaps that will solve your problem...

3rd Feb 2010, 03:03
i tried that not much diff. here are more specific specs on my system

Processor: AMD Phenom 9750 quad core 2.4 ghz

ati radeo HD 3200 GRAPHICS
ATI radeon HD 4600 series

anyone else suggesting?

thanks angelus0901 btw

3rd Feb 2010, 04:11
Ok im sorry but i dont get ur specs
u listed two video cards

"ati radeo HD 3200 GRAPHICS
ATI radeon HD 4600 series"

which one do u have.

If you have the ATI HD3200, that would be the cause of ur lag because the hd3200 i think is an integrated graphics chipset, which is very weak and not designd for games.

But if u have an HD4600 then i dunno why u would be lagging, because its powerful enough for this game.

Have u tried goinn in the games launcher.exe and see if physx is turnd on.
Just check, because if its turnd on it will cause major lag on an ati card.

3rd Feb 2010, 05:32
hi i am not a computer expert but have you considered a upgrade to a new motherboard for you phenom with sli config

3rd Feb 2010, 19:39
@ cyborg34572: aw dude beats me this computer system is brand new and a refurb. this is the first time I have had any roblems with a refurb too but i think you're on to something i'll try the launcher.exe thing and let ya know what happens. thanks lol

8th Feb 2010, 17:58
can anyone give adive on this card?:

SPARKLE SXT2201024S3-NM GeForce GT 220 1GB 128-bit DDR3 PCI Express 2.0 x16 HDCP Ready Video Card - Retail

would this be worth gettin?

8th Feb 2010, 18:19
I wouldn't bother with that one, it's a low powered card, won't run many modern games very well.
What's your buget and what do you want the card to be able to do?
also what is the maximum resolution of your monitor?

12th Feb 2010, 00:55
well my res is up to I think is up at 16:9

budget wise i'm lookin for nuttin more than150. I know I can easily find stuff on other sites for cheap compared to instore. I basically need a card that I can use to run this game PLUS my others such as the call of duty modwar series all at highest settings. I have also looked at an nvidia gforce 9800gt

what u think?

12th Feb 2010, 01:02
16:9 is your aspect ratio, your resolution will be something like 1680*1050 (which is 16:10) or 1980*1020.

Check your display settings, right click on the desktop and click personalise (vista) or properties (xp), make sure it's on display settings and tell me the highest resolution you can go to.

If you are using a TFT monitor then you want to use the highest otherwise the monitor has to guess the best colour for each group of pixels, resulting in lower quality images.

12th Feb 2010, 03:31
yeh ive got 1600 by 900 pixels.

it shows the monitor displays with pics of monitors (4) and the series and graphics I use
(ati radeon hd 3200 graphics & HD 4600 series)

so......what should i do? (i wish i wasn't computer retarded XP)

12th Feb 2010, 04:18
A 9800gt would be perfect for your resolution with the games you want to play and most other current games, but the ATI 5770 would be more futureproof as it supports directx11, in most cases it should provide better performance too and still be in your budget.