View Full Version : Men's Dress Hat - Never Found

31st Jan 2010, 05:11
In the curator's office of the museum, when you look at the lost and found log book on the desk, Garrett says, "Never found. Hmm...maybe no one's looked hard enough."

Naturally, that leads one to believe that it can be found in this mission somewhere, but none of the loot guides I've seen list it. Still, has anyone had any luck finding it, or is that little piece of dialog just a teaser, of sorts?

18th Feb 2010, 04:08
I'm looking for it too, can't find it either.

18th Feb 2010, 05:25
As far as I can tell, after searching walkthroughs and loot lists and looking at the Museum in the editor, there is no man's dress hat. It's possible that there was going to be one, and the Museum Guard beret found laying on the floor was going to be modified, and the devs never got around to it.

Tin Star
18th Feb 2010, 06:28
The hat they are talking about is on the floor upstairs near the power room door in the first part of the museum,it may have been in the game as to show that the guards are not the awear of everything that is around them but I don't think it was suppose to be part of the loot.

Tin Star