View Full Version : FREE! Mass Effect 2 Inferno armor! Code inside!!!!

28th Jan 2010, 23:27
I was at blockbuster picking up farcry2 when outta the blue the manager there hands me a free mass effect 2 code for the inferno armor.

So here it is

32HB-TM7B-UHMA-3L8U = Inferno Armor

Remember all *caps* and this deal isnt gunna last forever!

and follow these rules*

*Follow the link to redeem your unique code
* Enter your EA account info
* Redeem your code
* Load up your copy of mass effect 2
* Follow the instruction on your in game mail detailing how to obtain your pre-order item

This is word for word the ingame instructions.

Who knows someone could be using your one chance code right now, Get moving soilder!

29th Jan 2010, 18:28
i dont have mass effect 2 nor do i plan to get it so idc about this, but thats nice to give it away like that, jus remember i was the first post here so if u get the hovercraft dlc code if ur gonna give that ro someone it maybe should be me lol

29th Jan 2010, 19:32
cool i dont have mass effect 2 mabye you could post an just cause 2 code when it comes out because im not 18 yet