View Full Version : Can't open sandcrawler door w/ wheels-Ep IV pt 2

28th Jan 2010, 22:15
Partway through Ep IV pt 2 (Through the jundland wastes), and I'm completely stuck. I'm in the room with all the ladders and wheels inside the sandcrawler. I already got rid of the ladders, and no matter how many times I use the Force on the wheels, I cannot get that stupid door to open. I've tried turning all of wheels, and then just 1 side. I cannot get into the next room, and even when I do turn the wheels, I don't get any money either.

Is this some kind of bug or glitch, or am I missing something painfully obvious? Thanks.

Viceroy Phoenix
12th Mar 2010, 20:56
It might be a glitch. Generally you only need to "force" the wheels to turn, and that should open the door. But in light of situation you probably have a glitch. Try reinstalling the game, as painful as that sounds, it might be the only way too get rid of this "blasted" glitch.