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28th Jan 2010, 02:42
So I have batman installed via Steam and I've actually managed to clock the game. But I want to go back and complete all the riddler challenges. But now the game won't even start. :eek:

I get the bmLauncher.exe pop-up window appear where I can configure settings etc., if I hit "Play" I get an hour glass for about 3 seconds then nothing. I monitored the processes list in task manager and the batman app appears then disappears when this happens.

Has anyone had this before and is there a way of troubleshooting this bug?

(have already tried deleting and reinstalling, have also tried backing up to USB and reinstalling it on my laptop - which works on my laptop... but the laptop is too poorly spec'd to run the game at a decent pace - prefer the PC).

The specs of my PC are:
2.4Ghz Quad Core
Windows XP 32 bit
NVidia GTX 260+
Asus MoBo
(was there something I missed?)

28th Jan 2010, 02:44
Did you mess around with any of its files, folders, name changes, etc.?

28th Jan 2010, 02:57
Nope. I changed nothing. I even tried uninstalling, re-downloading and installing from scratch - and that still didn't work.

30th Jan 2010, 00:01
Is there anything you've changed since you completed it, for instance with newer nvidia drivers, I can no longer play the game in SLI mode (not that I really want to)

30th Jan 2010, 00:28
Ok... If anyone gets this similar error then it's because of a missing or corrupt GFWL installation (Games For Windows Live). Go to google and search for a suitable download location.
There are some on the web without having to go to bitTorrent. The file size is approximately 22MB.
I got mine from: http://www.badongo.com/en/file/13416461
The file's name is xliveredist.msi.

Hope this helps.

Cheerio! :cool: