View Full Version : Kane and Lynch 2 Dog Days getting a little Artsy Fartsy?

joe the janitor
25th Jan 2010, 00:57
When I first heard about kane and Lynch 2's new style I thought it sounded really cool. But as I'm learning more, and more about it I'm beginning to worry.

1. Will the screen always be kinda messed up (blurred in that youtuby way), or only when s**t hits the fan (getting shot or almost shot)?

2. I was reading in a preview (cant remember which one) that the games visuals were a cross between Cloverfield, and District 9. At first I thought that would be really cool, but then I remembered how annoying Cloverfield got. I don't know if it's just me but I hated Cloverfield. Although I loved District 9's visuals because you could understand who was where while still being very intense.

Really, I just hope it wont be like Wet (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZAdi5a1u2i8&feature=related) and always have that kinda filter thing.

25th Jan 2010, 01:04
well I don't think it will be overdone.. Coz agreed.. overly done it would get annoying.. but i'm doubting it's gonna be bad at all

25th Jan 2010, 01:10
To me it seems like it will look like the trailer did most of the time, it will get all cloverfield shaky cam during the transitions from cutscene to gameplay, and then all those crazy visual effects will be around when you get shot or things explode. That's just the idea I was able to gather through all the recent interviews.

25th Jan 2010, 08:10
We've done, and are still doing, a lot of testing to make sure the visual style doesn't get in the way of the experience. Some of the earlier versions of the game had a lot of crazy things going on when stuff blew up, for instance, and the team looked at the feedback on that and toned down a lot of it. The first rule is that it has to be playable and enjoyable, obviously.

Personally, from having played the builds quite a bit, I can say that the balance is getting pretty much spot on. It adds a frantic pace to the action but doesn't make you want to vomit or curl up and cry.

Also, the filters stay on. I believe you can adjust the camera wobble (mainly for those who tend to get motion sickness from playing these kinds of games) but the look is the look.

25th Jan 2010, 14:56
Thanks for the update nick :)

25th Jan 2010, 15:22
I disagree. Kane & Lynch has always had a unique style to it. The first game always felt kinda bland and washed out. I'm actually looking forward to how they're changing up the presentation.

I think that, all effects aside, it's still going to be the good old Kane & Lynch that we're accustomed for and have come to expect. I think if the digital effects are subtle and non-intrusive it will create a very awesome effect, and make the most of the dated Glacier engine.

Unpaid Intern
26th Jan 2010, 00:21
As long as the effects enhance the action instead of hurting it.. Personally, I want to be entertained, period ..by any means possible!

About Cloverfield: what annoyed me was not the attempt at the candid camera thing but how it wasn't quite successful. I blame the lack of authenticity in the story and acting - in other words, the style (in story and acting) wasn't hardcore enough IMO.

One of Seven
26th Jan 2010, 01:35
I'm liking the look myself, certainly one of a kind.