View Full Version : USER INTERFACE Ranking System

6th Mar 2014, 13:23
my first day with Nosgoth (got my beta key today yay).
So my question. Will there be a ranking system?
Since this will split the very good players from the beginners and should improve
the gameplay specially for beginners.
+ the good players get by far more challeging games
And several games showed that a ranking system keeps the people playing.:group_hug:

6th Mar 2014, 13:30
Right now the system try and divides the teams roughly by level, but level doesn't necessarily equate to skill. I'm all for the game pitting people of similar win/loss ratios together so long as those stats aren't visible and a means for people to insult one another.

6th Mar 2014, 13:33
i thought more about a ranking system as suggestion for the future.
More into the competitive scene.... mhm like Ranks for example the league of legends ranking.
since it seems like an high skill cap game