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24th Jan 2010, 19:48
hey guys.

im not a huge fan of keyboard/mouse controls for adventure games, so i've decided to use my controller instead.

i'm having a problem with the controller settings.

i have a dualshock 2, ps2 controller attached to my PC (windows 7, 64bit) via USB adapter.

i'm using the JoytoKey application which lets you bind keyboard commands to the ps2 joypad. it works great, i've used it for multiple games like street fighter 4 for example.

i would like to MIMIC the ps3 controls. however, there seems to be a problem...i can't bind certain keys more than once. for example, "quick batarang" is supposed to be when you TAP L1 (which i bound to a random keyboard key), but i want L1 to also be "aim" when you HOLD it, just like on the console version.

is there any way around this? how can i mimic it exactly like the console version? ive heard of people plugging in the xbox 360 controller and it working fine. i've also heard of a 360 controller emulator, but i'm not sure how that works...

any help is greatly appreciated.



25th Jan 2010, 12:48
I used an 360pad emulator to make the game think there's a 360 pad plugged in, then you don't have to mess with the launcher config and it should play as desired. Only thing is you might have to experiment with the emulator config to get the right stick to do what it's supposed to.

25th Jan 2010, 22:56
thanks for replying.

do u also have a ps2-usb adapter? and u got it work with batman?

i downloaded the xbox360 controller emulator from (http://virusdev.ovh.org/files/), i got the vibmod

i copied the .dll's into my windows/system32 folder as well as into my batman binaries folder. i try to run xinputTest and it says 'not connected' all the time. i'm not sure how to make it find my ps2 controller attached via USB.

i have win7 64bit. windows finds the ps2 controller because i've used it with several other games (using joytokey though).

but when i try to check out the device on my windows devices listing, i get this:


so yeah, any ideas?

26th Jan 2010, 03:12
the emulator (Xinput.dll) that i was using wouldn't work under Vista64, It would only work on XP32. You may need to find one that is compatible with 64 bit OS's