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6th Mar 2014, 12:16
Hi all,

I've ran this past the moderators, and they are happy for us to share this with you :)

We've created a free special edition of our magazine for Final Fantasy to celebrate the release of X/X-2 HD!

We've love if you could check it out, enjoy and throw any feedback my way.

Single spread edition (better for tablets): http://www.gameonmag.com/url/ff-se-s

Double spread edition (better for PC/Mac/Linux): http://www.gameonmag.com/url/ff-se-d

27th May 2014, 01:27
This is awesome thanks!

27th May 2014, 13:41
Great, good work!

27th May 2014, 17:49
Real good - also very interesting for someone who has just started playing FF. I had really only heard about VII and X before playing XII so I don't know much but it was an interesting read. Thanks