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6th Mar 2014, 04:58
Whats up fellow Nosgothians,

So loving the game so far, its pretty awesome in my opinion :D I really dont care that it takes a while to get a game going, however it would be nice if I could hear the game countdown just before it starts, similarly to what it was in alpha.

Though I can certainly understand those of you that enjoy chatting with other players about random interesting stuff. I do as well, at times I also like to check out the skins and equipment, unfortunately sometimes I feel the need to browse the internet or type random stuff like this :eek: Thats when I have to keep minimizing the game constantly to see if it started or not, which as you can understand can get a little annoying :( I was even afk for up to a minute a few times, which in rare cases may even cause broken keyboards. So it would be nice to hear a count down or at least a blinking icon before the start of the match. Anyway it was just a suggestion, I can surely devour blood and hunt noobs without this feature, but it would certainly make it easier. Thanks :wave:

6th Mar 2014, 06:38
Yes, this needs to be done. Small thing but irritating, not only to the people who do minimize the game to kill some time, but also to their party.

Also this has already been reported, we have a topic in beta forums: http://forums.eu.square-enix.com/showthread.php?t=10696

7th Mar 2014, 21:51
A lot of people end up AFK at the start of matches because of this.