View Full Version : my save just became corrupted out of nowhere

20th Jan 2010, 07:15
i was doing that first fighting challenge (w/e the name is, completed all the predator challenges btw) where you have to score 30,000 points to beat it, only got 20,000, so i went back to the menu and exited to desktop to rest for a while, when i came back on it said 'your save is corrupted, delete it'. seriously here, i completed the main game all the way through on normal and was working on the challanges and out of nowhere it tells me to delete all of that.

and from what i'm finding everywhere while looking this up, it appears the ppl who made the game hadnt the faintest idea what they were doing. i mean seriously the game doesnt even have a manual save, who in their right mind would do that? and the frequency of show-stopper bugs is absurd. why does it tell you to not exit while it's saving? why the hell would it even let you do that? pause the freaking game while it's autosaving!!!!

i struggled for more than a week to get the stupid windows live thing to update the game just so i can play it (i'd say it wasnt work $60 for how short it is btw, who ever even heard of a game costing that much??? and who ever heard of needing the internet for an OFFLINE GAME!!!!!!!!) and right when i'm about to finish all the challenges (i was so freaking proud of myself), the stupid thing blows up in my face. i quit playing the sims 2 bc it kept blowing up in my face nonstop, and i am far and beyond sick of dealing with games that destroy themselves out of nowhere.

20th Jan 2010, 19:43
Blame G4WL. :(