View Full Version : Keyboard controls/camera on last fight driving me nuts!

18th Jan 2010, 16:54
I bought the game a few days ago and all in all I truly enjoyed it. However, being that I'm a mouse and keyboard player (only), I find that certain boss encounters like scarecrow, Ivy and now Joker (where I am currently stuck) insanely frustrating!!

The problem is the mouse view/movement is completely removed so that you are looking at a stage instead of being in 1st person view. I don't know how this affected console players (are the boss fights I mentioned and the challenge fights the same?), but for a M&K player it's like inverting your whole world! scarecrow was not a big deal since there was no attacking involved, and I was able to "manage" the Ivy fight, but this Joker fight is just impossible when the henchmen come down. I cannot turn to the enemy with my mouse and I have to manually do it with the keyboard which takes way too much time and is not how the rest of the game is played including the challenges (which I have tier 3 accomplishment in all fights, including the 2 extremes Intensive Care and Sewer Bat which are currently unlocked) so i know how to punch a few baddies in the proper view.

Anyone has/had the same problem? and suggestions on how to address this without the usual "L2P" or "go buy a remote" comment would be truly appreciated...

It's gonna suck to not finish the game.

18th Jan 2010, 17:12
Well, if it's for PC you should be aware of this issue. For me, I'm just used to it I guess. Sure, I had problems with the Scarecrow dreams and some boss battles, but what you need is the right keys for everything. Like the WASD as well as the arrow keys for movement. That could be convenient for many occasions.

For Scarecrow, going right is like going up front, and going left is going back around. Just remember that. It isn't that hard. The only frustrating parts in the Scarecrow encounters is when you're either stuck on a bug whether it's unable to grapple, climb, etc.

For Bane and Titans you just dodge their attacks, by using WASD and Dodge/Space Bar and just beat the crap out of Bane/Titan.

Ivy is fairly easy. Keep throwing Batarangs. (I use B for quick Batarang) Keep on throwing, and dodging her vines and you're good.

Joker? Same. Run around the field when he starts swiping at you. When he sends his men, fend them off and Batclaw his ass down a couple of times and you're done.