View Full Version : other characters from Dead Men in or mentioned in Dog Days

17th Jan 2010, 16:42
Thapa, Shelly, Rific, Retemoto, or the seven, or Even thr vaultbreaker???
We really don't know what has become of the crew since the last game, but I understand there is a new one.

17th Jan 2010, 19:01
Shelly, Rific, Retomoto and The7 are all dead. The vaultbreaker & even the driver died in the van when it crashed in the subway and Kane left them to burn. Shelly died in an explosion while running for the boat in the final mission. Grimley and Madsen got fried last year. Tharpa is the only person that got out with his life.

Will they make a reference to Tharpa? I dunno... he's so ****in' greedy we're probably better off without him.

17th Jan 2010, 20:39
Actually I think you can see shelly still get in the boat after the explosion, I say this cus you see a boat leaving the dock on your left (I think)

17th Jan 2010, 23:52
Maybe Retomoto will be mentioned but other than that I don't think we'll see any of them in K&L2

18th Jan 2010, 00:20
Actually I think you can see shelly still get in the boat after the explosion, I say this cus you see a boat leaving the dock on your left (I think)
I was also under the impression that Shelly survived.

18th Jan 2010, 02:11
Toward the end of the game, Lynch's boss pulls off his mask.

Kane & Lynch stare in disbelief...

KANE: I thought you were dead.


18th Jan 2010, 05:49
I dont believe anyone from Dead Men will be in it other than the two degenerate bastards we play as

18th Jan 2010, 06:14
Did you every play the 1st game??? Most of the people you mentioned are dead...

20th Jan 2010, 23:36
Shelly was supposed to die at the end of the dock. Sometimes the game glitches and he actually makes it to the boat though. I'm 99% sure that Shelly is supposed to die.

21st Jan 2010, 15:01
Most of the lead players all dead from K&L 1... Only reason they return is for Drama's sake.

Vault Breaker and Driver - defenate non-return
Retemoto and daughter - defenate non-return

From the7...
Mute, Carlos, young brother - defenate non-return
However.. the Older Brother would only get a return IFFFF he survived the bomb blast... I highly doubt it....

Jenny - heard she survived so... I doubt she will return as part of the story.

Kane's Team: (excluding kane and Lynch themselves)
Rific - defenate non-return
Tharpa - I doubt a guy who ran away from it all would try finidng a new mercenary job in Shanghai...
Shelly - This guy is still in debate because of the final mission in K&L1. In my case I saw him survive the boat ride... This depends if shelly gets shot by AI... If he's lucky, he'll live. Again... if it's a return... doubtful...

Son of Nerlin
21st Jan 2010, 17:12
Shelly can die or he can live, it is up to you. When he is running for the boat you can choose to shoot some barrels I think and he dies or you don't can he lives, I know this because in one play-through I was pissed he was leaving and started shooting and a barrel blow upand he died but in another play-through I didn't fire and he lived.