View Full Version : Gerstman-gate got "out of hand"

15th Jan 2010, 23:15
Carsten Lund and Hakan Abrak of Io interactive talk about the Gerstman scandal in this article (http://www.videogamer.com/news/io_gerstmann-gate_got_out_of_hand.html)

15th Jan 2010, 23:18
This was an issue of Eidos vs Gamespot ... not IOInteractive. He's right, they were on the sidelines in all of this. Eidos is the publisher that pulled the advertising at got Gerstmann fired.

15th Jan 2010, 23:27
Indeed it got out of hand. It hurt the game, that was the sad thing. Not that the criticism was unfounded, the way it was presented made it sound like 10-times worse.

I was happy when K&L 2 got announced because now IO has the chance to show what they are really capable of.

15th Jan 2010, 23:36
The reaction to the "war junkie" trailer was hugely positive, they'll always be detractors, but if people think the gameplay looks impressive they'll certainly consider it, I feel this game is going to do much better by critics standards for presentation alone (one of the game's weakest aspects originally) so I have no doubt that this game will be a success if it looks good, people arn't stubborn enough to not buy something because of a scandal way back in 2007. Okay take that back, some will be.