View Full Version : Get most most riddler challenges first, or backtrack?

15th Jan 2010, 07:38
I just started playing the game, and first off, I absolutely love it.

However, only when i get 7% done and in the medical facility did I realize you get EXP for getting the riddler challenges done. In each level, I get maybe 3-6 finished, and then progress.

I'm wondering if I should start a new game, and try to get as many as I possibly can....or should I backtrack right now and try to get them all?

What is the best approach? How did you guys play?

15th Jan 2010, 08:33
I'd do them all as they come if you want the full game experience. You can clean up after the end but since the island is empty it really feel like your just "cleaning up".

Edit- if you come by some riddle that you can't reach, just try to take note of it. You'll get a gadget later that will allow you to get it.

15th Jan 2010, 13:05
I really boils down to whether or not you want to be fully upgraded or not by the end of the game. Sounds stupid I know, but I wanted an added challenge. My second playthrough of the game I conducted an experiment: See here. (WARNING: CONTAINS SPOILERS!) (http://forums.eidosgames.com/showthread.php?t=95709) I managed to get 145/240 riddler trophies without using any of Batman's gadgets in my playthrough. This method got me all but 2 upgrades in terms of experience. If that gives you any indication of whether or not you should get them...:)

15th Jan 2010, 19:57
I'd solve the riddles while doing something else.