View Full Version : xbox360 controller not working!! =(

13th Jan 2010, 23:04
alright implay batman and then i stoped then when i turned the game back on the controller does not work! and the games just spins like crazy! im using the xbox360 controller evry other game works perfect with it .

14th Jan 2010, 01:33
do you have a joystick plugged in also if so un hook it then try

14th Jan 2010, 01:50
still nothing =( im using the wireless adaptor it was working before and now it doesnt wanna work for batman it only accesses the GFWL menue

14th Jan 2010, 13:55
This can happen when peripherals are plugged into the computer when you start the game. Unplug the adapter and then plug it back in. Should fix it. :)

14th Jan 2010, 20:06
thanks! it works now~!