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Sig 551
13th Jan 2010, 18:47
Hello-apologies for being a bit off topic, but...

Whilst I'm waiting for this game to release, I've gone back and been playing K&L1 Fragile Alliance on PC. I originally got the game on PS3 and loved it, but ended up getting it for PC via Steam as it was a cheap buy and I come from the mouse/keyboard generation, due to my advancing years.

One thing I miss about the PC version is that the map selection for FA is a bit limited at 4 scenarios, and the Dope Bag console release made things feel a bit more complete.

Wonder if there's any chance the folks at IOI would consider a release of the Dope Bag for PC players? I'm really clumsy with a gamepad, and although its a bit of a ghost town for active players, there's still a few of us diehards knocking about on Windows Live enjoying a bit of robbery and traitor-festing....or did it get released for PC and somehow I missed it?

13th Jan 2010, 19:47
Yeah, I'm sorry to say there's no real chance of that happening, as far as I know. The game was released a long time ago and we're working hard on getting KL2 looking and playing awesome. There's going to be a lot of good stuff for the FA players this time around, though, so hopefully that will make up for it.

Sig 551
13th Jan 2010, 19:59
Hello Nick, thanks for the quick reply.

Bit disappointed at the news, but will continue to play FA in the vain hope I might actually have a spell as Kane or Lynch on it.

Looking forward to the IGN exclusive on K&L2...

16th Nov 2010, 12:54
So K&L2 has been finished now , right ? (Or making seriously patches now?)
Before start Kane & Lynch 3 project , give K&L1 PC light .

New Games For Windows Marketplace has launched .
It's time to release a patch and The Dope Bag for PC !

Better late than never .

(Look! Lynch also want The Dope Bag for PC badly):D

16th Nov 2010, 16:37
No no no no no no ! get our priorities straight ! ...

If they're going to add something new for the three year old Dead Men , This is the order it should be done ...

- Trophy Patch for PS3 , i guarantee it's going to have another million sales ...
- Finalize and Release Dead Men Director's Cut ...
- Make the official soundtrack for sale ...
- Lynch and Kane plushy dolls ...
- Make a patch that resets the Leaderboard for 360 ...
- And then , finally ... make the PC version of Dead Men work , i don't want to see anyone complaining about it in the technical forum no more ...

Ah , and after that's done , release the Dope Bag for PC ...

price tag optional ...

16th Nov 2010, 16:51
I agree with Charlie, my pet monkey.