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13th Jan 2010, 09:20
To all those interested, we now have an URL for our new 'flash' based site for KL Clan and fansite. It can be found at here (http://tinyurl.com/yk8heax)

You will need Flash installed on your computer to view the site. You can pick it up here (http://get.adobe.com/flashplayer/) for free.

The clan is planning to open at 8pm GMT, on Friday 2nd April 2010. It will be packed with information, screens, videos and of course, clan matches.

If you would like to be a member of staff looking after the site, buildings forums etc, we will be looking for staff in the near future. Please check the URL above for more information in the next few days.

Yours, Flippy

13th Jan 2010, 10:49

The URL is disguised by TinyURL but the actual URL itself is ridiculously long and odd looking. Have you thought of buying a proper domain name or using a free one like .co.nr domains?


Also I don't particularly think these free site builders are all that and only allow such things because they end up adding horrible self-promotion adverts on your site. It makes your site look bad. Maybe a proper site is needed?

I hope I am not criticising. I hope to launch a fan site myself sometime later on and I just thought I'd give you my honest feedback. I hope all goes well for you and your site. :)

13th Jan 2010, 12:08
I am aiming to get a forum up and going which will be attached to the clan and will be the more popular one...since its easier to be a member and talk to other people. The idea behind this page is to be a fansite part of the clan, mainly host to images and videos and the like. It will also display dates and times of matches for easy reference. The forums will be clan orientated.

13th Jan 2010, 13:29
oh klclan is back
thanks again flippy for the kane&lynch criminal files&evidence packages i won from ur site :D

13th Jan 2010, 17:29
If you'll need any help from me - just let me know.
And, of course, i can give you subdomain on my KL site, and make separate subforums on my forums, if you want to.