View Full Version : Hardware not Supported for PhyX?

10th Jan 2010, 04:36
is this common error or something?


i have this rig

Windows 7 32bit Ultimate
E7500 3.0ghz
4GB of RAM
9800GT 1GB

i have updated drivers , PhyX and the game to 1.1 but i think it says that my video card is not supported by PhyX? however when ignore this message i still got crashed from different event from the game any solution for this..

10th Jan 2010, 05:38
Thats what it said to mine and i had a 9800GTX+ and it worked. I know GTX+ is required for the high settings but i dont know for the low ones.

10th Jan 2010, 06:32
Do u have any onboard integrated graphics chipsets before u installed ur 9800gt?
If so, then disable it. Cause i think the game is still detecting it as ur primary video card.

But if thats not the case then im afraid idk why ur getting that error

10th Jan 2010, 20:22
yes its G31/G33 chipset i just got my newer system i will try to disable it