View Full Version : seculauncher: failed to start application 9000

9th Jan 2010, 21:55
i've seen one topic that someone had the same problem and than i saw guys arguing and juping to conclusiond and neither one was right. i just made account to this so i can help to anyone who's having the same problem. note that THIS IS NOT ILLEGALY COPY OR CRACK RELATED PROBLEM!

if it has seculaucher in the name doesn't mean it's necesery securom. yes the game is using securom as protection and cause of that it has secu in the name but the problem is merly a C++ libary problem.

how to get it fixed.simply get the dll file "msvcr71.dll" and put it in "c:\windows\system" folder. you can find the file @


this problem occured to me after i had formated hdd and i forgot to install all libaries and extra dll's i had before.


ps: if you don't wanna help, well don't make it worse either. especialy if you're not sure what you're talking about! good luck!

21st Feb 2010, 16:49
thanks QuiGonJinn that fixed it fast and easy after messing with my virtual drive program for about an hour disabling it, reenabling it and uninstalling it, from what i read on another site.http://www.gamespot.com/pc/action/batmanarkhamasylum/answers.html?qid=113788
they had even considered the issue resolved and closed. and your right if you dont know dont spam the internet with crap making it hard to find info from the people who actually do know.
had to make an account to thank you since noone else had yet.
thanks alot! gunna go play batman now!.... im.... batman !