View Full Version : C++ Error/Runtime error, Random Crash

9th Jan 2010, 07:06
Yes, I'm bringing it up again, Because i'm extremely frusterated. Some people seem to be able to make it farther than others with this error, but for most it seems, this is a big problem.
Basically, Your playing the game, and then in the same spot, the game crashes. It opens a window and it talks about a C++ visuals Runtime error. It also talks about one of the ShippingPC- Bm game files thats corrupt, and it directly refers to the overworld map. I've tried the game windowed, and with and without physics.I have also triple checked that i have tried the patch, and it hasn't done anything, In my final attempts, i reinstalled the game multiple times, to still no avail.
From what i've read about other's, it seems as if it's the file being downloaded or installed from cds or steam that are corrupt. It happeneds to me right as you do your first riddler puzzle with the picture, and your about to go try and find Gordon. But like i said before, It's totally different for others. I thought i could try and access the whole file, but when i do it says it's corrupt, so i can't really mess with it.
I've heard so much amazing stuff about this game, and for the 15 minutes i have had the chance to play it, its been great. But paying 50 bucks, for 15 minutes of gameplay is not a fair deal. Eidos Help!