View Full Version : .NET Launcher PhysX crash and workaround

8th Jan 2010, 14:52
I use the Steam version of BAA.
Once I installed the latest PhysX drivers (9.09.1112) the Launcher crashes with a .NET error with these details:

Unhandled exception from Microsoft .NET Framework.

** Exception Text **
System.Runtime.InteropServices.SEHException: External component has thrown an exception.
at BmLauncherLib.PhysXSDK.{ctor}(PhysXSDK* )
at BmLauncherUtils.PhysXSDK..ctor()
at BmLauncher.Settings.DetermineDefaultPhysXLevel()
at BmLauncher.Settings.StaticInitialise(IniFile iniFile, IniFile iniEng, IniFile iniInst, SystemInfo sysInfo, String localePath, String localeConfigFile)

NOTE: I use XP 32 bits with GTX 275 SLI and I saw one other user with the same problem using Win7 64 bits and an ATI card.

Starting the game without the Launcher works so its only a problem when I want to change the configuration. (I don't want to change the INI files manually)

My workaround is easy:
- Uninstall PhysX drivers.
- Run the Launcher (which install a older version of PhysX that makes it work)
- Do your config modifications.
- Re-install latest PhysX drivers.
- Run BAA without the Launcher.
- Enjoy

If anyone knows about a fix for this problem I'll be even happier!

10th Jan 2010, 08:34
The latest PhysX system software puts the DLLs in a different place to where they were before. It updates the PATH environment variable but it seems to need a reboot to resolve it. Does rebooting fix it for you?