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8th Jan 2010, 11:31
Hi folks I'm playing this game in windows 7. First time through no problem now every time I get past the stage in the mrogue and try to walk out the door the game just crashes. I've tried this twice now and still no dice. Before that point the game runs fine. Anyone got any bright ideas?

8th Jan 2010, 15:46
trust me go in the room then get out of the room

12th Jan 2010, 09:34
Well I'm now waiting for a response from Eidos. As soon as I get one from them I will post it here as it may help someone else. Weird as the game runs so smoothly before the first scarecrow stage and even through it. It is only when he recovers his senses and tries to leave the morgue that the game crashes. Ah well back to MS flight sim until Eidos sort the problem.

13th Jan 2010, 22:57
I seem to remember someone else had this problem a while ago and they had to turn off the additional PhysX content in the launcher just for that section.