View Full Version : entire game running in slow motion, why?

6th Jan 2010, 01:47
at first i didnt mind it, i thought it was just for dramatic effect (the beginning of the game with the joker being taken into arkham reinforced that) and to make it less of a button-mashing game by giving you time to actually think about what you're doing.

but i've noticed that on youtube everyone else's game runs alot faster than mine. and lately i have noticed that in some places the game runs faster than other times. i was wondering what was causing this.

according to that 'can you run it' site, i only meet the minimum requirements for the game, not the recommended (the ones i fail for recommended are my cpu ram and video card)

i have a geforce 7200 card in here, 1.5GB ram, and 3 GHZ pentium 4 cpu, i'm running it on xp. is it that my computer isnt powerful enough to run it and its lagging on me bc of it? it certainly looks fluid for lag if it is.

i also noticed btw that harley looked like crap later in the game, her resolution was so bad you couldnt even see her iris, her eyes were just white with fadey/transparent black spots on them. and btw, i havent figured out how to alter the graphics, the closest thing i can find in the options menu is to change the brightness.

6th Jan 2010, 04:00
right now i'm going to update my video drivers and see what that does.

edit: i did it and it seems to have sped up the game, though its still not nearly as fast as the ones on youtube. the game's graphics haven't improved at all even though it appears to have improved the resolution of my desktop.

7th Jan 2010, 00:03
its ur computer dude. Its not powerful enough to run the game faster.
Geforce 7200 and ur single-core p4 is slowing the game down.

Alright im gonna fix my post from earlier. When i first posted earlier i didnt get to reply much cause i was arguing with my girl lol.

Im afraid there's is nothing u can do more to improve the games speed without upgrading ur computer.
Ur pc meets the very minimum required to run the game, but not to run it properly or fast.

Ull have to turn everything down in the game im afraid, resolution and all the graphical settings.
To help u speed it up a bit download a program called "gamebooster", itl turn off background tasks and services and give u alittle more fps boost.
But like i said, to really speed the game up u will need to upgrade ur video card and processor.

There is another thing u could do that could help. Or could burn ur pc if ur not careful enough. Overclocking, but i do not recommend u do it. But if ur desperate, overclocking ur pc parts will give them alittle bit more power, but they will run way more hotter than normal, and if ur not careful on overclocking , u will fry ur pc parts.

And yes btw, Some or most of the games cutscenes are pre-rendered. Their not being rendered in real gameplay or anything, their basicaly like recorded movies using the highest possible settingsof the game, thats why they look amazing.
To change ur graphics settings, go to the main installation folder for the game and open up the folder called "binaries", inside ull find "launcher.exe" , open that and click settings. In there u wil be able to change graphics settings. I recommend u turn everything to the lowest tho, beacuse ur video card is not powerful enough to run this game on medium or high im afraid.

sorry about my english grammar and spelling btw, its not my first language.

19th Jan 2010, 11:39
well i finished the game, and i just now discovered that i can apparently run the thing on medium graphics without any problem (it was already set to the lowest settings). updating my video drivers btw did speed the game up a sliver, and i found that i had a bunch of spyware slowing down my computer in general, but either way the game still moves in slowmotion for me, oh well. but from what i've seen of the titan fights on youtube, that may be a good thing. i would not have the reflexes to dodge those things if the game was running right.

its just as i feared, my computer just isnt powerful enough to run it at full speed, oh well at least i can play the game. my mother was wanting to get me a new computer so maybe that would help if she decides to do so but she probably wouldnt be able to tell if it was better than this one or not (i think she was wanting to get me a laptop, which i know would probably not be able to run the game period)

oh and btw, that benchmark test says i have an average fps of 11, with the highest being 60 something. it does run fast if there isnt much to look up, i've noticed running through the ventilation in the predator challenges without x-ray vision on seems to go quite fast.

22nd Jan 2010, 13:35
okay this is wierd, i put the graphics back down to the lowest setting, and i've found that some of the fight scenes actually move at NORMAL speed!!!!! i'm still not used to having the thing move that fast.