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4th Jan 2010, 19:18
i finished this picture today after a couple of days.
but i don't know whether i should add color or not...
please give me your opinions people :)

here's the picture (it was inspired by TR9):


4th Jan 2010, 20:58
shouldn't her fingers be holding onto the knife in her right hand? They just look like they're floating the object on her finger tips. lol. but ye you should add colour coz this is amaze!

4th Jan 2010, 21:40
I'm not a fan of colour but it may improve the picture, if you can you could copy the original than add colour to the copied version then you have both black and white and coloured versions

5th Jan 2010, 05:58
the knife is sort of twirling on her finger tip. like a basketball for instance :)

and i was going to leave the original black and white, and do another in color.
but i barely even brushed lara's hair with a brown colored pencil, and fell in love lol

so i'll edit this last post with the colored picture whenever i can :D

5th Jan 2010, 08:22
Well make it so it's spinnig o her index finger and position her hand like it's pointing at the sky... Also put the little movement motion marks too look like the knife is spinnig. If ya get wat I mean?

6th Jan 2010, 05:17
this is it in color :D
hope you like peeps ;)


close up:

14th Jan 2010, 16:40
Overall it's a nice picture, but what i really love is the face (but not colored). I think the color just blured it. But it's nice. Nice job. /two thumbs up :P/

14th Jan 2010, 23:30
Instead of darkening the lines with the graphite of a pencil, how about inking it then coloring it. So you don't have the graphite smearing and dulling out the colors from the pencils. Does that make sense?

15th Jan 2010, 17:44
actually Goar, you did make a lot of sense :D

i tried out your advice and it actually looks pretty neat. i'll post the new version whenever it's completed :)

15th Jan 2010, 20:26
the colour version looks way better than the non-colour version. ACE! Love it. your best yet.

15th Jan 2010, 22:02
the colour version looks way better than the non-colour version. ACE! Love it. your best yet.

thanks for the positive feedback tombraidergal :)