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4th Jan 2010, 06:20
*minor spoilers*

So I managed to take down the J-man's first hulking mutant beastie in the Asylum, and got to the point where you're supposed to sniff out the bourbon (interestingly, this is one superpower I share with Batman). Problem is, I go down the hallway to the reception room, where there are three chattery teeth and you can listen to a phone conversation with the J-man, and the door you're supposed to go through doesn't open. The latches open very slowly, they move aside, and the two vetical bars on the door start bobbing in and out, and if I walk close enough, I get a "Door Opening..." text displayed on the screen, but the door does not open.

I know it's supposed to open, because when I was unsure of myself, I looked around for walkthroughs, and found this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7hrgJgngJL8. The door that opens at 4:48 in the video is the one that won't open for me.

Rather frustrating to dish out serious cash for a program that takes a day to download, another day to download with a download manager after Firefox screws the pooch, and half a day to figure out how to install after my computer blue-screens during installation.

But holy monkey, after reading some of the posts in this forum, I'm amazed that I can even make it as far as I did!


So I went and did a total uninstall (using a third-party uninstaller (Total Uninstall 5) since the normal uninstaller wasn't working), and re-installed the game. This got me past this door, but the game became highly unstable, Blue Screening after ~20-30 minutes of play. Then I encountered another door, the one right before the first time you see the Batmobile, and it wouldn't open. Did the same thing as the first door.

Damned if I'm going to keep uninstalling and reinstalling every time I try to get through a major door. Any other ideas?

5th Jan 2010, 18:41
Did you try running away slightly from the door and trying to let it "see" you again? I know I had the *occasional* moment (notice I didn't say glitch) where security doors in the Penitentiary didn't detect my standing there on the very first try.

10th Jan 2010, 08:44
Blue screening is usually because of video drivers so make sure you update them as well.