View Full Version : Leaked info on TR9, a copy cat in the making?

3rd Jan 2010, 07:05
I really do not understand this.
From the leaked information of TR9, if so true, is it copying the story in TR5.
In one of the stories about lara's adventures it takes us to Ireland where she makes use with the things around her, has creepy monsters following her around and is said to be where she first started to become the adventurer that she is today.
From what I can see they would be just changing the place that she became an adventurer; to Japan. This story will completely go against the other story that Core made.
And if people don't remember this adventure I recommend you replaying TR Chronicles.
Seriously think about this one. It's already been done.
So I begin to wonder if the leaked info is very much so false, because for people to be working with lara all the time would know about her adventures.

3rd Jan 2010, 07:16
I'm going to be harsh with this--

TR9 is a reboot of Lara's young life where she's a survivor of a plane crash. Lara's got little luck with planes as we can see. Though saying CD's copying Core is ridiculous. CD owns the rights to TR now, they're the ones creating the next generation of the TR franchise so it's rpathetic that you're calling them Unoriginal.

Rebooting the franchise means to give and or recreate the franchise to something more interesting. Also to bring in more fans since the last formula is losing it's spark with gamers now-a-days. With Core no longer in the picture and CD here creating the games they decided to give her a better background. Having lara survive after a plane crash, alike of what happened in TR:L, but a much larger impact on herself. Teaching her how to survive in situations with nothing but her body and minds.

So no, they're not copying, more like rehashing. Improving it.

As I recall what happened in Chronicles, on Ireland she snuck onto a boat to follow her friend to see what he was up to. She didn't crash on a plane, she went there on her free will. So no, it isn't copying. Yeah, so what? Lara's a teenager during that time and you've got no weapons. All she's had to do was run away from danger rather then fight back and that's what she's going to do in the next game. She's going to fight back. She will be using resources as weapons to take down the next threat.

So I disagree with you.

3rd Jan 2010, 07:24
This Tomb Raider 9 leaked concept could very well be false or it could be 1 concept out of many.:scratch:

3rd Jan 2010, 10:41
Le sigh. Saying CD copying Core is as redicilous as Square Copying Disney and FF.

3rd Jan 2010, 11:23
I have no idea about core games lol. But I like the idea of a bow and arrow... Very cool. ;)

3rd Jan 2010, 14:03
I like the idea of a bow and arrow... Very cool. ;)

Sounds very Sheva Alomar.:cool:

3rd Jan 2010, 14:33
Sheba alomar??? Who where what how? Why?

3rd Jan 2010, 14:50
Sheba alomar??? Who where what how? Why?

She is from Resident Evil 5.

They are still just concepts, the game could be very different. Remember how they told us TRU would be all about Mayan Calendars and 2012, but in fact it was all about Norse mythology and had nothing to do with 2012. The Mayan part was just one level. :)

3rd Jan 2010, 22:09
Sheba alomar??? Who where what how? Why?

From Resi 5 (as Love2Raid said) and you can select a costume that makes her have a bow and arrow as her weapon.:D

Tribal Sheva FTW!


4th Jan 2010, 02:01
Whoever the developer is features from one game in a franchise still belong to that franchise, and as far as i understand it you cannot plaigerise (sp?) from yourself. Every series incorporated elements from precious game into the newer ones... i'm just glad CD are finally doing it more.