View Full Version : Micro stutters in Arkham Asylum

2nd Jan 2010, 22:06
Hello, I bought Arkham Aslyum on Steam about a week ago, its a fantastic game and my fps is usually 40 fps. The problem is that I get these micro-stutters. I will be running and it pauses for a split second, and it does this not uber frequently but enough to notice it..However My fps never goes below 30....
I just wanted to know if this is normal with the Unreal 3 engine, because I know the unreal engine has texture streaming to create bigger environments and this could be the effect of that technology? I just wanted to know if its normal.

I run the game on very high, physx off, 1024 by 768, no aa...

My Rig: Videocard: Nvidia 8800GT 512mb A.D.E
Processor: Intel Pentium D 3.2 ghz
Mainboard: 955x
Memory: 3048 DDR2 RAM AT 667 MHZ
Soundcard: Sound Blaster Audigy 2zs/
PSU: 500 watt

2nd Jan 2010, 23:05
Whats ur harddrives Rpm?. Cause slow rpm harddrives can cause games to stutter.
Disable indexing in the partition where ur game is installed, might help abit.

Or i could be entirely wrong and its probably not HDD related.
So also try to update ur video card drivers and sound drivers.

Also close unnecesary background tasks that might be causing u to have these micro stutters. Download a program called "gamebooster" , with one click ull be able to close unneeded background processes and services.