View Full Version : 5th time crash DO A MANUAL SAVE SYSTEM FOR HEAVENS SAKE

2nd Jan 2010, 17:55
This is outragious. It's 5th time I get a non recoverable crash in this game. I don't have any saved backup so practically 5 times i reached various stages of the game and been forced to restart, over due to autosave I have no backup.

This is so f... annoying now. Whats the ideea with not offering people the chance to save their game as a backup? Is it suposed to be the new (try again) commercial system or what?

Just make a patch so people have the option to save themself a backup. Last time, today, my game crashed because of a power failure in my entire block. And now the autosave won't load, game exits when im trying to load it with a corrupt message :(

This just sucks, and I'm sick of it. i'll just dump the game in the trashcan, its ridiculous. Screw you Eidos, you suck! :(

2nd Jan 2010, 20:39
I'm with ya all the way bud!

Autosave is handy, but not if it is the ONLY way to save...

7th Jan 2010, 00:10
Hi there, wondering if you would clarify the settings that you were on, OS, ram etc. would be nice to help other players avoid the same situation.
So far my system crashed once only while doing a multiplier overclock. went back and no crash since. \i always sign in via steam before launching AA adn so far no loss of progress touch wood.. winxp sp3 2gb ocz reaper m2n32 gtx260 phenom ii x3 720/

let all know how you get on