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2nd Jan 2010, 00:21
1)crashes problem
2)grapple problem

1) I bought this game off steam recently and played through for a while until it started crashing on me. There is no observable trigger to the crashes and i've tried everything I could think of or read about to fix it, but none so far have succeeded.
I'll give my specs and what I've tried so far:

700W Power Supply
AMD Phenom II x4 955
ATI Radeon HD 5770
OS: Windows 7 x64 Home

The mute sound fix doesn't apply to my rig so that's not a problem. I've updated video drivers. Monitored GPU temperatures and even increased GPU fan speed to keep it extra-cool, so I don't believe it could be overheating.
I've read a post that securom code running in the backround might have been affecting one players game by crashing it, so in desperation i did what he did and tried a securom free crack. This also failed, so I deleted the crack and put back the old .exe.
At this point, I'm suspicious of Windows 7 being the reason, but I can't find what it's doing wrong. Still, my brother also bought AA off steam and runs it on his Win 7 with no problems or crashes. I'm just out of ideas and any answers are appreciated.

2) I'm stuck in the area just after you go back to the batcave for the second time (with the plants). I traveled around the island back into the cave area with the high vent and now can not grapple up. Is this a backlash from my attempt to fix my crashes with the securom crack? Or is it a bug in the game? If its from the crack, I don't mind restarting the game just as long as i can get this crashing problem solved once and for all. :confused: :mad2:

for any eidos staff: I respect your work, but (and i'm sure all computer gamers agree) a port from a console is VERY rarely done well. Maybe for AA2 or future titles, could we get one made with <3 for the ol' compy?

2nd Jan 2010, 00:38
Try restarting to the last checkpoint, and head back to see if you can Grapple up to the Vent leading towards the Sewers.

2nd Jan 2010, 02:00
i have, reverted, restarted, and restarted computer

2nd Jan 2010, 05:01
I dont think the crashing is software related, i think its more hardware. U have very powerful parts that generate alot of heat. A computers defence mechanism to overheating is either crashing the program thats causing it, or completely just restarting the computer. (in older pc's ull get the blue screen of death/ program fault). So check ur temps while ur playing this game. See if any part is spiking to hot temps while playing.

Also the crack u used might have triggerd the copyright protection, which disables grappling in some locations.

2nd Jan 2010, 07:18
like i said, i highly doubt its overheating. i run a hardware monitor while i play and increase my card's fan speed to keep it below 60 degrees C. If it spiked, the monitor would note it for me in the Max Temp.
I didn't know that a computer would shut down a demanding program for that reason though, I may still try hooking an extra fan into my wall and opening my case to see if that helps.

2nd Jan 2010, 17:41
Hmm, try to intall a secondary 32-bit os in another partition and do a multi-boot, then install batman in that 32-bit os , and see if it still crashes. If it still does then i think it would be pretty safe to assume that the crashes are caused by hardware.

2nd Jan 2010, 21:25
Crack kills.

3rd Jan 2010, 05:17
Crack kills.

seems so. while i support artists and their products, i don't think DRM is the way to be protecting it. its good intentions does not make up for the frustration it gives to people who do not deserve it.

note that i don't blame drm for my problem, until i find the problem, almost anything is fair game

Anyway, I think I have made some progress that I'd like to share for anybody reading in a similar position of seemingly random crashes.

I had been blaming my video card for causing my problems for awhile, just didn't know what was wrong with it; whether it be hardware or software related. Then I blamed Windows 7 x64 because requirements say that B:AA does not support it, but other win 7 users play just fine.
After much searching and thinking, I now think it could be a combination of the two. I read today that my graphics card (Sapphire Radeon HD 5770), and possibly other but i dont know, may not be fully compatible with Windows 7 x64-bit and could cause problems. This is a possibility I'm willing to investigate so I plan on replacing my 64bit with a 32bit version in the next day or two to see what happens.

I still have my doubts though because these crashes do not happen with all games on this new computer, but are not limited to AA. Valve games do not crash as far as i know (this computer having run only L4D2, portal, and TF2 at this point). But the 2 games that do are B:AA and Mass Effect.
So, now I wonder what are the similarities between these two games that cause them to crash. Is mass effect drm protected too? They are both ports. They are both not fully compatible with Win 7 (not sure if bit version makes a difference).

So I know that's a mouthful and an earful, but it is where I'm at now. Just trying to keep you all somewhat on the same page as me.

I ran a wall fan and opened up my case, then manually increased my graphics card's fan through ati CCC up to 70%. I lowered the B:AA graphics all the way down and ran the game. The card was now louder than i would like BUT the game ran for a long time while i kept the card at temperatures in the low 50s or below (Celsius). I'm now convinced that the major issue with my problem is card temperature. Now the question is, what to do to keep the card cool when it's under more stress (mind you it still crashed on low settings, but took MUCH longer). Keeping the case open and running an external fan is not an option, I didn't build this machine to have to do that the rest of its life.


That is my card, at this point i think i want to take the casing surrounding the fan and components, does anyone know if this is possible and safe?