View Full Version : is DRM problem free?

1st Jan 2010, 14:53
hi, i'v just bought batman on steam, and i m just downloading it.
i didnt read carefully and didnt see it uses DRM before buying.
i had a very bad experience with drm before.. where i couldnt play a legally owned game for some time, (and yes i had to crack a game that i legally own to play.. and i spent a lot of time with this...) from then i just avoid such games.

i have 2 pcs and 1 notebook where i want to play my games. (i live 5 days in a place, and 2 days in another, so i own 2 pc). (and if in the future i m going to format one of this ? )

can i do this without problems? i dont wanna spend time with tech support, activating games and stuff, i just want to download and play.

1st Jan 2010, 23:18
from what i understand the steam version allows 4 activations per month